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A Christian University urgently needs the services of a Volunteer Missionary doctor to fill the position of Dean of the Faculty of Medicines and bio-medical sciences and/ or teach and mentor one.
The Person
The person for the position should be a senior professional holder of Doctor of Medicine MD, Or MB/BS with specialization in any domain of medicine. The candidate should have university teaching experience up to at least the rank of Associate Professor with teaching and administrative experience of at least 5 years at the university level. Candidates who are married and have a Christian background will have an advantage.
The candidate would need to be dynamic, proactive with the ability to coordinate the work of the faculty besides teaching in his/her area of specialization.

  • More specifically. The person shall have a the responsibility of planning and ensuring the smooth teaching of programmes envisaged for the six years medical programme and working out the progressive implementation of programmes envisaged for the institution according to the master plan of the institutional growth of the faculty.
  • In this respect, he/she will be expected to have a high sense of initiative and characterized by dynamism with respect to the goals, mission and vision of the university.
  • The candidate chosen may either assist in the administration or be the executive head of the faculty under the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor.
  • The Cameroon Christian University will provide transport from the port of arrival to Bali and free housing at our main campus.

Interested persons should contact me by

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