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Medical Services

  1. Out-patient Services (Medical consultation)
  2. In-patient Services (Hospitalization)
  3. Eye Services
  4. Dental Services
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Surgical Services
  7. Clinical Imaging (X-ray/Ultrasonography)
  8. Reproductive Health/Family Planning
  9. Laboratory Services
  10. Clinics
  11. Palliative Care
Surgery in Banso Baptist Hospital
Laboratory Services

Primary Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Services

Cameroon Health Technologies

Programs Development Services

Plant Conservation

Spiritual Care

  1. Chaplaincy/Social Services
  2. Center for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services (CECPES)
  3. Evangelistic Outreaches
  • Gospel teams
  • Serendipity Bible Study Evangelistic Groups (SEBSEG)
Poverty Alleviation
  1. Health Board Pension Plan
  2. Mutual Guarantee Financial Company (MUGFIC)
  3. Women's Initiative for Health Education and Economic Development in Cameroon (WINHEEDCAM)
Rest House/Catering Services


  1. Private Training School for Health Personnel (PTSHP)
  2. Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS)
  3. Christian Internal Medicine Specialization Program (CIMS)
  4. Center for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services (CECPES)
  5. Seminars/Workshops

AIDS Care and Prevention (ACP)

Services for People with Disability

Technical Services

We offer a full range of laboratory services
to meet the diagnostic needs of both
inpatients and outpatients
Eye Services
Our comprehensive eye care package
ranges from primary eye care through
community outreach to eye surgery,
cataract extraction, etc
Dental examination in
Baptist Hospital Mutengene
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