Akeh Baptist Health Center

Akeh Baptist Health Center


The relationship between the CBC Health Services and Akeh started in the 70s when the population benefitted from measles vaccination. According to the Chairman of the Village Health Committee, Mr. Nsani Amos Ngum, the testimony they got from other CBC Health Services institutions and helicopter deliveries motivated them to raise money for a building where the CBC Health Services could run the first clinic in the village. He explained that they also created a fund to train health workers to administer these services. Akeh is a multiracial village with a population of about 5000 inhabitants made up of Christians, Muslims and Fulanis.

The health centre started in 1984 as a Primary Health Centre (PHC) under the Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Healthcare Programme of the CBC Health Services. At creation, an average of 15 clients was seen per day in the PHC. In 1996, the PHC witnessed a transformation into a full-fledged health centre of the CBC Health Services with Mr. Ndikitum George as the pioneer Chief of Centre (COC). Mr. Nsani Amos said the community is delighted with additional services like counseling. Plans are underway to construct a permanent facility to host the health centre on a site where the Chief of Centre’s house has already been constructed by the community.         

Akeh Baptist Health Centre sees an average of 150 clients every month. It has a staff strength of 12 including a screener. About 90 per cent of the clients received at Akeh Baptist Health Centre are from Mbessa village, with 10 percent from Akeh and neighbouring Gofung village. In 2014, 3,282 patients were consulted, 87 for maternity services, 71 in the Pediatric Ward and 164 in the other wards.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services
Akeh Baptist Health Centre offers general consultation. Other outpatient services include registration, laboratory that does microscopy, hematology tests, chemical analysis and staining among, pharmacy that dispenses medications, a treatment room where minor surgeries are carried out, antenatal clinic (ANC), infant welfare clinic (IWC) and voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for HIV. All five Family Planning (FP) methods are offered.

Inpatient Services
The very sick clients are admitted in the health centre on a daily basis for monitoring and proper follow-up. The health centre operates a Men’s Ward, General Ward (for women and children) and a Private Ward. There is also a Maternity Ward for pregnant women receiving postpartum care. Averages of 9 deliveries are conducted in a month. The Health Centre has been carrying out minor surgeries since 2010. The security of the health centre is ensured by two security guards while a housekeeper is in charge of the cleanliness of the institution.

Akeh Baptist Health Centre is located in Mbessa Health Area, under Fundong Health District, Fundong Sub Division in Boyo Division
Northwest Region of Cameroon.


Contact Information

Tel. (+237) 674546882 (Health Centre)

679156668 (COC)

Email: akehhc@cbchealthservices.org

Website: www.cbchealthservices.org