Bangloan Baptist Health Center

Bangolan Baptist Health Center

The CBC Health Board started Bangolan Baptist Health Centre as a Maternity in 1964 to help women in the community who had no access to delivery services. Services began in an old custom structure and were later on moved to its permanent site. The great need and demand for quality care by the community prompted the CBC Health Services to transform the Maternity into an Integrated Health Centre in 1973. As a result, more services were added and more trained workers posted to the health centre.

Bangolan Baptist Health Centre currently has a staff strength of 32, including a screener. In 2014, a total of 11,045 outpatients were seen and 1,124 inpatients were registered. Also, 507 deliveries were recorded in 2014. HIV and hypertension are the most common cases seen.  The facility had no bed at creation, but has grown to a capacity of 82. Most of the patients seen are from Bangolan Health Area and neighbouring villages like Bangourain, Choupah, Koutupit, Wasi, Bambalang and the Babessi Health Area. A doctor’s support visit to the health centre is supervised by Banso Baptist Hospital every two months.

Bagolan Baptist Health Centre celebrated its 50th Anniversary in June 2014. One of the major challenges the centre faces is the presence of road-side drug vendors in Bangolan who deter patients from coming for consultation and treatment. Some of them see the hospital as a last resort and only come with critical cases. This explains why drug resistance is common here.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services
These include reception/registration, general consultation, family planning, treatment room, laboratory and pharmacy. There is also a maternity that is in charge of Antenatal Clinic (ANC), delivery, postpartum care and infant welfare clinic.  A monthly average of 50 deliveries is conducted and with the strengthening of family planning services, the number of deliveries is expected to drop.

Inpatient Services
Bangolan Baptist Health Centre admits patients with severe medical cases while difficult ones are referred to hospitals for intensive care. There are four main wards; Men, Women/Children, Maternity and Private Wards.

Other services offered are chaplaincy, laundry, security, canteen and a provision store.

Bangolan Baptist Health Centre is found in Babessi Sub-Division in Ngoketunjia Division of the Northwest Region. It is situated 13km from Babessi town.
Contact Information

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