Baptist Hospital Banyo

Baptist Hospital Banyo



Baptist Hospital Banyo (BHB) is the first Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Hospital in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon. The hospital started as an Integrated Health Centre created by ministerial decision (Arrêté) No: 0105/A/MSP/SG/DMH/SDHPFSP/SFSP/BFSPC of April 27, 1999. It was finally transformed into the present Baptist Hospital Banyo following ministerial decision (Arrêté) No: 1024 of April 17, 2006. The hospital’s manpower stands at 51 staff, including a resident medical doctor.
Baptist Hospital Banyo is located in the Wouroum quarter, some 4 km from the centre of Banyo town in the Mayo-Banyo Division of the Adamawa Region. It is found on the main highway to Ngaoundere through Tibati.
Baptist Hospital Banyo operates 24/7 with nurses rotating shifts.
The services offered include out-patient consultation, in-patient services, Eye Care Services, General Surgeries, Treatment and Injection services, Clinical Imaging, Pharmacy services, Drugstore/White cross, HIV & AIDS Prevention and Care, Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), Laboratory, ANC, Maternity, Reproductive Health/Family Planning and Infant welfare services, Diabetes management services, Chaplaincy/Social Services, and housekeeping jobs.

Out-patient consultation
Out-patients in Baptist Hospital Banyo receive speedy and quality services from the 3 screeners in the hospital. It sees an average of 31outpatients per day. Cases requiring hospitalisation or observation are placed under in-patient care. Cases beyond the ability of the Screeners are referred to the Doctor in the hospital who then determines whether to offer full treatment on the spot, refer them to specialists in other health institutions, or programme them for the next visit of related specialists available in the CBCHB (like eye and dental specialists from Banso Baptist Hospital). In general, out-patients receive consultation, prescription (sometimes after laboratory tests) and return home to continue with medications they have been prescribed.

In-patient Services (Hospitalization)
Baptist Hospital Banyo has a bed capacity of 33 for patients on infusion fluids and/or under observation, surgical cases, serious accident victims, cases demanding close follow-up and monitoring. In-patients receive 24/7 medical attention with a doctor attending to serious cases as need be.

Eye care
Since commencement on November 3, 2008, the Eye Department of Baptist Hospital Banyo has already seen over 1500 clients with different eye problems among which cataracts are the most outstanding. The staff of the department sees an average of 30 patients every month. Banyo Baptist Hospital eye clinic handles a wide variety of eye problems.

General Surgery
The presence of a General Practitioner and an Internist in the hospital has solved health problems that would have otherwise been referred to other distant health facilities. Statistics indicate that the hospital performs about 60 surgeries every month.

Treatment and Injection Services
The Treatment and Injection Room of BHB serves as the minor surgical /emergency unit of the hospital. It works in close collaboration with the staff of the Operating Room when need arises. The Treatment and Injection Room receives about 37 patients monthly.

Clinical Imaging (Ultrasound, X-ray, etc.)
Clinical Imaging involves the use of special machines to determine the normality or abnormality of the body’s internal organs and structures. The machines help in assessing their sizes, shapes, positions and appearances to enable clinicians better assess and manage the health conditions of individuals. The X-Ray does simple and more specialised examinations. In addition, the Ultrasound department does an outstanding job.

The Pharmacy of the hospital works to better satisfy the ever growing number of patients who must pass through this department to fulfil all their prescriptions. With staff strength of 4, the department is able to receive patients and dispense drugs rapidly to all of them. A drug store is attached to the pharmacy.

HIV & AIDS Prevention and Care, Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)
Baptist Hospital Banyo offers AIDS care services under the CBCHB AIDS Care and Prevention (ACP) programme. The services offered include counselling and testing, PMTCT, and Support Groups of persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Baptist Hospital Banyo laboratory sees an average of 456 clients monthly. The various tests carried out in the laboratory include Haematology, Parasitology, and Blood Analysis. 

Mother and Child Health
Banyo Baptist Hospital sees various clients daily for ANC, Maternity, Reproductive Health/Family Planning and Infant Welfare Services. Vaccinations are done both in the hospital and during outreach visits.

Diabetes Services
Baptist Hospital Banyo also runs a diabetes clinic to take care of clients living with this health condition. The Diabetes clinic was created in 2005. It holds every last Thursday of the month. The clinic sees about 30 clients a month for refill and check-up and records at least 3 new cases every month. On clinic days, clients receive the following services:

  1. Consultation and checking of blood pressure (BP) and weight
  2. Health education
  3. Follow-up (intervals for follow-up are one week, two weeks, etc. depending on the client’s blood sugar level as measured during each clinic).
  4. Group and personal exchange of opinion to help dispel myths and misconceptions about Diabetes
  5. Referral of some cases to the doctor
  6. Registration and collection of data
  7. Admission of advanced cases (though this is rare)

Chaplaincy /Social Services
The Chaplaincy and Social Services Department of BHB takes care of the spiritual and psychosocial needs of both clients and staff of the hospital notwithstanding their religious, cultural or social background. There is a chaplain who receives on average 40 clients every month with diverse problems that need counselling or spiritual care.

Support services
BHB has a general maintenance department to ensure that all its equipment function well. The technicians responsible for maintenance take care of electrical and water problems among other.  The hospital has 9 security guards who take care of clients, staff and their personal belongings.
As a growing hospital, Baptist Hospital Banyo has lots of projects it intends to accomplish both in the long and short runs as God blesses it with funds. Most of the present infrastructure was set up thanks to God for using external funders to sponsor the work.

Contact Information
Baptist Hospital Banyo
P.M.B 50 Banyo
Mayo-Banyo Division
Adamawa Region
Tel: - Security: (Mobile) +237 674449510
       - SNS: (Mobile) +237 677040037
       - Administrator (Mobile): +237 675264402
       - CMO (Mobile): +237 677113989