Bayangam Baptist Health Center

Bayangam Baptist Health Center

The health centre was started, thanks to an indigene of Bayangam who realized a need for a health facility in his community. He later contacted a retired Cameroonian footballer who through the Support for Africa organization, accepted to finance the construction of a health centre for the community of Bayangam.

The community in turn contacted the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services in 2008 to run the health centre. As a result, the Chief of Centre (COC) for Bafoussam was sent to carry out a feasibility study of the structure that would host the health centre. His report, sent to the CBC Director of Health Services (DHS) saw the dispatch of a delegation from Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) that visited the location before giving a final approval for the centre to start delivering services. On November 29, 2008 the health centre officially opened its doors for activities to begin. Mr. Munang Innocent was the pioneer COC. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Munang worked as a nurse in Kwighe Baptist Health Centre where he conducted the delivery of a set of conjoined twins. The health centre from creation has been under the supervision of MBH.

Bayangam Baptist Health Centre operates on a three-shift system daily. The first shift runs from 6:40 till 2:30p.m, then the second shift spans from 2:30p.m to 9pm and the last shift starts at 9p.m. and ends at 6:40 a.m. With ten staff including a screener, the centre sees an average of 300 patients per month.

Services Offered
Outpatient: The health centre offers general consultation to the clients. The outpatient services include a Laboratory that does microscopy, hematology tests, chemical analysis and staining, a Pharmacy that basically dispenses drugs to patients and a Bills Office. The drugs dispensed in the health centre are supplied by the CBC Central Pharmacy Satellite Store in Mbingo with back up from Bafoussam Baptist Health Centre. Recently, AIDS Care and Prevention services were introduced and the accompanying activities include Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV, Contact Tracing/Partner Notification, HIV and AIDS education/sensitization and Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV. In 2013, the centre saw some 2,460 patients at the outpatient department.

Inpatient Services: Severe cases seen at the outpatient are hospitalized while very difficult ones are referred to other health facilities for proper intervention. The health centre has 12 beds distributed in the Men and Female Wards. There is also a Treatment Room where minor surgeries, suturing of lacerations and daily dressing of wounds are carried out. In 2013, the centre recorded a total of 255 inpatient cases. Attached to the inpatient services is a maternity that carry out Antenatal Clinic (ANC), conduct deliveries, offer postpartum care, infant welfare clinic and family planning.

Location: Bayangam Baptist Health Cantre is located in Bayangam Sub-Division in Kungki Division of the West Region of Cameroon. It is situated on the top of Meudjeu Hills in Tougwe Quarter about 5km from the Main Junction in Bayangam on the Bafoussam-Yaounde highway.

Contact Information
Tel: +237 67664 0920