Belo Baptist Health Center

Belo Baptist Health Center

Historical Background

Belo Baptist Health is the second oldest health unit of the CBC Health Services. It is the biggest health centre in the Belo Health Area. It was opened in 1946 by a missionary, Ms. Margaret Kittlitz. It was registered in 1951 under registration number 203 and officially inaugurated on November 20, 1959. The health centre is located at the centre of Belo valley and is surrounded by a series of mountains with a moderate climate. Belo has a population of over 50,000 inhabitants. The people are dynamic, loving and hardworking.

From creation, missionaries have always visited and worked in Belo Baptist Health Centre. These included Ms. Margaret Kittlitz, Ms. Minnie Kuhn, Ms. Dolores Henne, Ms. Eleanor Weisenburger, Ms. Geraldine Glasenapp, Ms. Getrude Schatz, Ms. Patricia Heller (Meinerts), Ms. Myrna Goodman and Ms. Katherine Hunt who was the last to work at the centre. Most of these missionaries have returned to their respective countries while a good number of them have retired. One of them, Ms. Geraldine Glasenapp died on November 23, 2014 in the USA.

At the time of the early missionaries, Evangelist Robert Jam, who was Pastor of Belo Baptist Church, did most of the circumcisions and sometimes deliveries when the missionary nurse was out of station. From 1946, the health centre has experienced unprecedented growth. The services offered have improved the quality of life of the inhabitants tremendously. As was the case before, most pregnant women now prefer to deliver in a health centre or hospital rather than at home. However, some who claim to have no money still deliver at home.

In the early days of Belo Baptist Health Centre, patients were received from Babanki Tungo, Big Babanki, Ndop, Oku, Bangolan, Bum and from every other village from the Kom Fondom. Many were treated and sent home but the more serious cases were referred to the hospital.

Today, Belo Baptist Health Centre is surrounded by three other health centres owned by the government. In 1993, the Divisional Chief of Public Health for Boyo Division commended it as a leading health centre among all the health units in the Belo valley. It coordinates the activities of six health centres found in the Belo Health Area. There is a doctor’s support visit in the health centre every month by Mbingo Baptist Hospital that supervises it.

In 2015, the staff strength of Belo Baptist Health Centre stood at 17 including three screeners (consultants). In the same year, an average of 600 patients were being consulted every month. Patience attendance for the whole of 2014 stood at 7,405. A monthly average of 40 deliveries is conducted and about 600 annually. Belo Baptist Health Centre is equipped with 59 hospital beds.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services

offered at the health centre include laboratory, pharmacy, treatment room for minor surgeries, registration and maternal child health services (MCH) including prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, Antenatal Clinic, Deliveries, Infant Welfare Clinic and Family Planning. Security services are present in the health centre with three guards on hand to secure the clients, staff and health centre properties.

Inpatient Services.

Difficult cases are admitted in the General Ward for women and children, Men’s Ward, Maternity Ward and Semi Private Ward. There is also a Labour Room, Delivery Room and Pre-nursery Room with an incubator. Location:

Belo Baptist Health Centre is located in Belo Sub-Division in Boyo Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It is located about 400m from the Belo Three Corners.


Contact Information

Tel. +237 675425478 / 655978981