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Baptist Hospital Mutengene (BHM) is situated 200m from the main road leading from Mutengene to Limbe (popularly called Limbe Road) in the Fako Division of the SW Region of Cameroon.
Baptist Hospital Mutengene (BHM) offers medical, spiritual and psychosocial care in the Tiko Health District. The hospital sees at least 8000 patients per month with different health problems from various towns like Buea, Limbe, Tiko, Kumba, etc. in the South West Region, and Douala, Nkongsamba, etc. in the Littoral Region. The hospital started on January 24, 1994 as a Health Centre to meet the health needs of the growing population of the Fako Division of the Southwest Region. The hospital operates 24/7.
BHM has 224 permanent workers including 9 permanent medical doctors. There is a Dentist, an Othopaedic Surgeon and an Ophthalmologist. The hospital also has 35 casual workers, thus bringing the total number of staff to 259.Baptist Hospital Mutengene offers a variety of services including Out-patient Services, In-patient Services (Hospitalization), Dental Services, Eye Care, General Surgery, Treatment and Injection Services, Clinical imaging (Ultrasound, EGG and X-ray), Pharmacy services, HIV & AIDS Prevention and Care, Laboratory services, Physiotherapy, Maternity Services (including Reproductive Health/Family planning), Tuberculosis clinic, Diabetes services, Burkitt’s Lymphoma services, Chaplaincy/Social services, Catering Services, Security Services, and Maintenance services.

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Burkitt’s lymphoma services
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Out-patient Services (Medical consultation): Out-patient services in Baptist Hospital Mutengene are well developed, speedy and of high quality. No matter the number of patients at any given time, the eight Screeners and nine Medical Doctors on seat offer them the best consultation they can receive. Cases requiring hospitalization or observation are placed under in-patient care. The screeners work in close collaboration with the Doctors in the hospital in diagnosing patients’ problems to ensure that they receive appropriate treatment. Cases beyond the ability of the Screeners are referred to the Doctors. Patients are seen all week through.

In-patient Services (Hospitalization): Baptist Hospital Mutengene has a bed capacity of 85 to accommodate cases that require hospitalization. This category of patients include those on infusion fluids, patients need close observation, surgical cases, serious accident victims, cases demanding close follow-up and monitoring. Inpatient services are offered 24/7 with a doctor available to attend to more serious cases. 

Dental Services: The hospital has been offering dental care to clients since 1996. The Dental Department sees at least 300 clients a month. About 44 dental surgeries are performed every month. The department has one permanent Dental Surgeon (Dentist) assisted by two Dental Auxiliaries and one Dental Assistant. It is equipped with modern dental instruments that enable its committed staff to offer clients such as extractions, fillings (Composite, Glass ionomer cement (Gic), Amalgam, etc.), Root Canal Therapy plus Apicectomy, Scaling and polishing (cleaning), Prosthesis (Dentures, full and partial), Minor oral surgeries (wiring, operculectomy, etc.), and Dental X-ray service.

Eye Care: The Eye Department in BHM is getting busier as the population of the South West Region and its environs has realized that the quality of medical care in the department is unparalleled in the area. The department is the best furnished Eye Care unit in the SW Region with ultra modern machines used in detecting and handling all eye-related problems. It has a 17-bed ward for the hospitalization of clients who have received eye surgery. The nine qualified permanent staff of the Eye Department and a resident Ophthalmologist sees an average of 900 patients a month with diverse eye problems up from 300 in 1999. Also, with the presence of the Ophthalmologist some eight Retinal surgeries are carried out every month since 2012. Services offered include daily Consultations from Monday to Saturday, Eye Surgery, and Optics for the edging, fitting and dispensing of glasses, Community outreach to screen for eye problems. Minor cases receive on the spot treatment and major ones referred to the hospital, and Intra Vitral Avastin administration to help diabetic and hypertensive patients.

General Surgery: Baptist Hospital Mutengene has carried out numerous surgeries since the Operating Room was set up in January 2005. According to statistics for 2012, the 9 well-skilled Doctors and nurses in the department handle about 100 surgeries every month. Procedures carried out in the BHM Operating Room include, but not limited toOrthopaedic Surgery (Bone Surgery), Tendon Repairs, Spine Surgery, Vein Stripping, Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, Caesarean Section, Herniorrhaphies, Appendectomies, Salpingoplasty, Salpingectomy (mostly on ectopic pregnancies), Chest tube insertion and drainage, Biopsies, Adult male circumcision, Lapanatomies (bowel problems), Lipomas and nodules excision and drainage, Dilation and curettage (DTC), Haemorrhoidectomy, Hydrocoelectomy, Splenectomy, Removal of kidney/bladder stones, Tubal ligations (Post-partum, Interval partum), Orchidopexy, and Skin grafts.

Clinical imaging (Ultrasound, EGG and X-ray): This two-in-one department assesses the body organs for normalities/abnormalities using machines to help clinicians better assess and manage the health conditions of individuals.
The Ultrasound Unit attends to some 450 clients every month for various procedures – some on doctors’ recommendations and others on personal requests. The unit began in 2006 with a monthly client average of 83. The number has continued to rise steadily as the population finds theservices they receive to be of high quality. The services include abdominal scans, obstetric scans, gynaecological scans, small body part scans (breast, neck (thyroid), scrotum and eye scans), musculoskeletal scans, and basic cardiac scans.
The X-ray Unit was set up in February 2009 and has done relatively much to alleviate clients’ suffering. For this short period of its existence, the unit receives a minimum of 200 cases every month. The X-ray procedures available include chest, abdomen, limbs, spine and skull.
The Clinical Imaging Department also has an Electro-Cardiographic machine (ECG or EKG) used in monitoring electrical activities of the heart.

Pharmacy: This is the exit point of most patients. The nine staff of BHM Pharmacy work in three shifts. The Pharmacy does drug dispensing, compounding of extemporaneous products, pharmacy technicians carry out clinical pharmacy in wards, and interventions with doctors/screeners when necessary. Other activities of the pharmacy comprise collection of daily statistics on the number of patients seen by each doctor, number of diabetic patients seen, general number of patients seen daily, etc.

Drugstore: This is the hospital’s pharmaceutical supply unit where drugs and other medical supplies used in the hospital are preserved. BHM’s drugstore is sufficiently equipped and manned by qualified personnel to effectively manage these drugs and supplies received from the CBCHS Central Pharmacy based in Mutengene for distribution to various departments of the hospital as needed.
HIV & AIDS Prevention and Care: Activities geared towards fighting HIV & AIDS are well developed in Baptist Hospital Mutengene given that it is one of the centres approved by the Cameroon government to provide care and treatment to people living with the virus. The hospital hosts two separate programmes that provide HIV related similar and complementary services. There are the care and treatment as well as the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV services.

Laboratory services: Baptist Hospital Mutengene has a well-equipped, developed and staffed laboratory. The 10 well trained and experienced staff of the laboratory range from equipment technicians up to senior laboratory technicians. The laboratory also serves as a site for a World Health Organization (WHO)/Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) clinical research. It has initiated a process that is expected to lead to its accreditation by WHO/TDR and other international bodies. With up-to-date equipment like the Laser machine, Hematology Analyzer, Hemoglobin A1 machine, CD4 machine and Urine Analysis machine, the BHM laboratory sees an average of 2,500 clients monthly.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy (PT) also called Physical Therapy,uses physical agents and methods to maintain and restore good health. In BHM, the PT Department operates on a one shift working day from 07h00 to 15h00 from Mondays to Saturdays and attends to about 300 patients every month. The department went operational in BHM in September 2004. The services BHM PT clients receive include consultation and postural evaluation, therapeutic exercises for patients, keep-fit exercises for non-patients, electrotherapy (electrical stimulation), infrared therapy, all forms of massage, splinting and casting with Plaster of Paris (POP), correction of club feet, neck and back care instructions, training people to walk with crutches, and bell’s palsy and stroke rehabilitation.

Mother and Child Care: The average number of clients seen per month by BHM Maternity Department has geometrically increased from 24 in 1999 to over 350 in 2013. About 900-1000 deliveries are recorded annually. The ten midwives and a host of other auxiliary staff offer clients the Antenatal clinic services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The staff also provide Infant welfare clinics services every Tuesday, Family planning, and incubation services for premature deliveries. BHM is the main referral hospital in all of Fako Division of the SW Region and part of Mungo Division of the Littoral Region for this service. It has two imported and two home-made incubators for babies born prematurely. Most clients are cases referred from the Limbe Regional Hospital.

Tuberculosis clinic: The Tuberculosis (TB) department of Baptist Hospital Mutengene is a Cameroon government approved site for TB treatment since 2007. The average number of patients seen per month stands at 27. The clinic receives clients every working day of the week. Unfortunately, clients are treated only on an out-patient basis due to lack of hospitalization space to admit critical TB cases for fear of contaminating other patients. Such cases are referred to other health facilities. Services offered at the BHM TB Clinic include free TB treatment, free counseling, and HIV test for all patients, and occasional follow-up of patients in their homes.

Diabetes services: Baptist Hospital Mutengene also runs a diabetes clinic to take care of clients living with this health condition. The Diabetes Mellitus (DM) clinic was created in 2006. It holds once a month (every last Saturday of the month) commencing sometimes as early as 06h00 Cameroon time as preferred by most clients. The hospital records about 60 new cases of diabetes every month with a considerable number of other clients coming every month for refill and check-up. During the clinic, clients receive consultation and checking of blood pressure (BP) and weight, health education, follow-up (intervals for follow-up are one week, two weeks, etc. depending on the client’s blood sugar level as measured during each clinic), group and personal exchange of opinion to help dispel myths and misconceptions about Diabetes, referral of some cases to the doctor, registration and collection of data, and admission of advanced cases.

Burkitt’s lymphoma services: This is a type of cancer common in the Tropics among children aged 5 to 15 years. One major early sign is painless swellings on the face, which are often mistaken for toothache. Because of this, Burkitt’s Lymphoma can only be confirmed by a Pathologist. The programme started at BHM in 2005 under the Malawi Protocol. But in September 2008, the Cameroon Protocol was implemented. The programme offers free treatment at BHM to children with this health condition and sees about ten cases every month. Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cameroon is funded by two international volunteers (Prof. Peter Hesseling from the Republic of South Africa and Dr. Peter McCommick from the United Kingdom) and coordinated at BHM by Dr. Eduard Katayi. With the presence of the programme, the commemoration of the International Childhood Cancer Day on every February 15 has gained grounds in BHM.

Chaplaincy/Social services: BHM Chaplaincy and Social Services Departments takes care of the spiritual and psychosocial needs of both clients and staff of the hospital. The five qualified chaplains and three social workers in the hospital see well over 300 clients every month with diverse anxieties that need counseling or spiritual care. Their services include overseeing the general spiritual activities of the hospital, premarital assessment and counseling, psychosocial and psycho-spiritual counseling, Theological Education by Extension (T.E.E.) and evangelistic outreach programmes, and assisting some needy people when the means are available.

Catering Services: Baptist Hospital Mutengene does not run a canteen. However, it ensures that its clients and staff on duty have quality food. The hospital has set up a mini-market that provides a variety of foods. It is supervised by a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) and the hospital administration. Non-working spouses of the hospital’s staff, who apply to provide food at the mini-market, undergo medical and physical examinations at their own expense. The QIC draws up a roster for those selected according to the types of food they are to provide and regularly checks to ensure that the quality and quantity of the food sold to clients is as required. Children under age 14 are not permitted to sell in the mini-market. Defaulters of the rules governing the functioning of the mini-market are sanctioned accordingly.

Security Services: The security department of Baptist Hospital Mutengene is the most challenging in the CBCHS due to the numerous difficulties it faces with the unruly behaviour of the inhabitants. The 15 dynamic security guards have learnt how to contain mobs each time accident or some fight victims are rushed to the hospital.  Their duties include reception of clients, ensuring the security of clients and staff and their belongings within the hospital premises, ensuring the security of the hospital’s premises and property at all times, and running of errands for the hospital.

Maintenance services: The Maintenance Department of the hospital carries out housekeeping, laundry and technical services. The housekeeping staff ensure cleanliness on both the inside and outside of the hospital. The laundry staff, on its part, is responsible for washing all the hospital linen, drying and pressing them in preparation for use by patients. The department also has technicians with diverse skills, who are responsible for the designing and execution of projects as required by the hospital. They equally carry out general maintenance on the hospital equipment and structures.

Contact Information
Baptist Hospital Mutengene
PO Box 152, Tiko
Fako Division
South West Region
Cameroon, West Africa
Tel: Security Office: +237 7765 8947
Main Office: +237 7760 5430
Administrator: +237 7786 6284       
Email: bhm@cbchealthservices.org
Website: www.cbchealthservices.org

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