Ekoun Baptist Health Center, Yaounde

Ekounou Baptist Health Center

Ekounou Baptist Health Centre was created by ministerial decree No 395/A/MSP/SG/DOSTS/SDSSP of February 22, 2007 signed by then Minster of Public Health. The number of clients visiting the health centre for various services has grown from a monthly average of 1,141 in 2007 to 1,837 in April 2013. The centre receives clients from all parts of the town and beyond.
Each day from Mondays to Fridays work begins at 07h00 and ends at 15h00 (Cameroon time). On Saturdays, work begins at 07h00 and ends at 12h00. However, consultation and pharmacy services are available up to 18h00 every day except Sundays. On Wednesdays there is doctor’s support visit.

Location, staffing and services: The health centre is situated directly opposite Lycée d’Ekounou, about 200 metres from the Ekounou Roundabout. A new piece of land has been purchased at Carrefour de la Mort, about one kilometre from the present site for the construction of permanent structures for the centre. The centre has staff strength of 43 including 2 Screeners backed by a regular visiting doctor.
The services offered include general Consultation of patients, laboratory investigations, dental services, treatment (Injection and Dressing), HIV & AIDS activities, chaplaincy services, eye services, pharmacy, Antenatal Clinic, and other support services. In the area of general consultation, the screeners see all patients and prescribe medications which they take home while critical cases are put on observation up to 18h00 or referred to other medical facilities in town with hospitalisation provisions or to specialist services for appropriate care.

The laboratory services: The laboratory conducts serological tests such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Chlamydia, Syphilis and WIDAL. It also does parasitology/mycology exams such as smears for malaria and other haemoparasites, filarial test, skin scraping for fungi test, cervico-vaginal and urethral smear examinations, semen analysis, urine analysis, stool examination, and pregnancy tests. The lab does biochemistry notably glycaemia (Glucose) estimation (diabetes test), and does haematology test such as blood cell counts (white cells, red cells, platelets, etc.). Finally it conducts microbiology tests such as AFB (Tuberculosis test) in sputum and other body substances.

Dental Services
The health centre has a complete dental unit set up on April 9, 2007. Its procedures include the dental X-ray, tooth restoration (fillings), root canal treatments (endodontics), extraction of teeth that are beyond restoration (exodontics), dentures (fabrication of artificial teeth), prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), prosthodontics removable prosthesis, health education on dental care to clients at the health centre and some schools in the vicinity, intermaxilliary and interdental wiring, minor oral surgeries, and orthodontics.

Treatment (Injection and Dressing) Room
The treatment services include injections, management of intravenous fluids (drips), dressing of all types of wounds though wounds not responding to treatment are referred to specialist hospitals for appropriate medical attention, ear care / piercing, male circumcision/repairs, excision of various forms (breast lumps, breast nodules, lipomas and cystic mass), extraction of both ingrown toe and finger nails, suturing of deep lacerations, secondary closure of wounds, treatment of warts, debridment of wounds, incision and drainage, minor surgical procedures, release of tongue tie, aspirations and collection of endo-cervical smear.

HIV & AIDS (PMTCT) Activities
Ekounou Health Centre offers Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT), PMTCT Counselling, Follow-up of HIV positive patients to ensure that they effectively take their ARVs, and taking DBS for PCR.
The Centre also organizes Support Groups of people living with HIV to receive services such as Prophylaxis every second Friday of the month and Follow-up of HIV positive clients and referring them for CD4 counts and drugs.

Chaplaincy Department
This service is responsible for the psycho-social and spiritual needs of both clients and staff of the health centre. It coordinates and handles spiritual counselling, psycho-social counselling (psychotherapy), group counselling, marital, premarital and family counselling, and both staff and client devotions.

Eye Services
The eye care services offer daily eye consultations, refraction: near/distant, slit lamp examination, removal of foreign bodies in the eye, treatment of non-complicated eye injuries, visual field test, and prescription and dispensing of lenses.

The pharmacy services are well stocked and organized to provide filling and refilling of prescriptions, reconstitution of solutions, clinical therapeutic interventions (clinical pharmacy), extemporaneous preparations (on the spot preparation of drugs), counselling of patients on drug use, procurement of drugs / medical supplies, storage and distribution of drugs / medical supplies, and accompanying of clinic team on outreach visits.

Antenatal Clinic
Ekounou Baptist Health Centre offers Maternal and Child Health, as well as Family Planning services. The department offers expectant and would-be mothers antenatal check-up and other services that prepare them for safe delivery in any other health institution of their choice. These services include Antenatal Clinic (ANC). During these visits, the examinations and test carried out include Urinalysis, Haemoglobin, and Blood group tests, Endo-cervical Smear, VDRL and HIV. In revisit and follow-up visits pregnant mothers receive health talks on nutrition, family planning, and behaviour during labour, and perinea exercise. Infant Welfare Clinics and vaccinations are also offered.

Security / other support services
There is a strong security service to ensure that staff, property and patients are well protected during and after working hours. The health centre equally has other support staff to make the health care team complete.


Ekounou Baptist Health Centre
c/o Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre
P.O. Box 2039 Grand Messa 
Tel: (Mobile) +237 677 25 57 57
+237 677 25 64 64
(Fixed) +237 222 30 62 27
Emails: ekounouhc@cbchealthservices.org
Website: www.cbchealthservices.org