Etougebe Baptist Health Center, Yaounde

Etougebe Baptist Health Center

The health centre is located in the Etoug-Ebe neighbourhood, some 450 metres from the Carrefour Biyem-Assi towards the Handicapped Centre. It was the first CBC health facility in Francophone Cameroon. It was approved as a hospital by the CBC Health Services board meeting of December 2014, meanwhile government’s approval is still being pursued. It sees at least 350 patients daily with various health problems up from 70 at creation on September 15, 1985. In 2014, a total 114,511 patients were consulted in the health centre. Given the reputation of CBC health facilities for diligent and quality services, its clients come from all the nooks and crannies of the Capital City, Yaounde, and some localities in the Centre, South and East Regions. The health centre supervises two other CBCHS institutions namely Ekounou Baptist Health Centre and Voundou Baptist Health Centre.

Work starts each day at 7am and ends at 6pm from Mondays to Fridays, and from 7am to 4pm on Saturdays. The staff strength of Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre has increased from nine in 1985 to 130 in 2015 including three dentists, three General Practitioners, and eight Screeners.

Services offered have grown from the basic general consultation, pharmacy, laboratory, and treatment room, which began the institution, to include Infant Welfare Clinic, Dental Services, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, Eye Services, Antenatal Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, HIV and AIDS care, Women’s Health Programme, Outreach services, Contact Tracing, Chaplaincy, and Rest House services.

About 100 clients are seen daily in the Laboratory. The tests available include serology, parasitology/mycology, biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, and cultures/sensitivity. A fume cupboard was installed on the 8th of May 2011 and is very helpful for AFB staining. In 2014, the Laboratory alone saw 42,309 patients.

There is a chaplaincy service which attends to the spiritual life of the staff and visitors. The Chaplaincy department thus offers staff individual counselling and follow-up to ensure love, and cordial working and social relationships among them. The Chaplain has been very active in handling family and marital problems in the hospital.

Physiotherapy: The Physiotherapy (PT) department was set up in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre on September 16, 2001. The staff receive about 300 clients a month. The department’s services include consultation /treatment, massage, therapeutic exercises/programmes, casting, minor reductions, gait trainings, back care, club foot correction, management of fractures, management of sprains, strains, and contusions.

Ultrasound: The department became operational in the health centre on September 27, 2007 with satellite visits from Baptist Hospital Mutengene before a permanent staff was later posted.  The average monthly attendance has increased from 122 at creation to 170 in 2013. Procedures carried out include obstetric, diagnostic, pelvis scan, abdominal scan, small parts such as Breast, Thyroid and parathyroid, Testis (scrotal), Soft tissues (superficial swelling e.g. Lymphoma), and finally Basis orbital and cardiovascular.

Eye Services: The Eye Department was started in 1995. The 5 eye nurses in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre offer a variety of services on daily basis to eye patients. These include eye consultation, visual acuity, refraction: near/distant, auto-refraction, tonometry by apploration and Schiotz, slit lamp examination, funloscopy, visual field test, and cutting and dispensing of lenses. Some of the key equipment used in the department include a Visual Field Analyser, Auto Refractor machine, Wall Ophthalmoscope and a Pulse Air machine.
Currently an average of 60 clients is seen on daily basis with various ophthalmic conditions. Eye services were offered to a total 15,881 patients in the health centre in 2014.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services: The MCH department offers Antenatal Care services to pregnant women. The maternity services are yet to be set up, but the health centre offers expectant and would-be mothers adequate antenatal care that prepares them for safe delivery in any other health institution of their choice. New visits are every Tuesday with an average of 45 new clients weekly and return visits on Thursdays and Fridays. Services offered at the ANC department include Antenatal Clinic (ANC) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays there is Infant Welfare Clinics. Some 8,340 clients benefitted from MCH services in the health centre in 2014.

HIV & AIDS (PMTCT) Activities: The HIV and AIDS activities in started in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre in 1999 and havegrown rapidly to include the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT), Tuberculosis prevention and treatment, Care and treatment for HIV and AIDS, Adopt a Health Care Worker targeting contributions from staff to help place their colleagues on treat, and Extended Forum of Care (EFC) which is a service for the rehabilitation of commercial sex workers. In 2014, the Care and Treatment Centre had 1,089 enrolled cases, both old and new.


Women’s Health Programme (WHP): WHP was launched in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre in April 2010. It carries out screening for cervical cancer, biopsies and treatment in collaboration with the National Committee for the Fight against Cancer. The programme also consults women/men with reproductive health issues, menstrual disorders, early pregnancy complications and infertility. It offers family planning services to all clients. With increasing awareness, the number of women/couples who attend family planning clinic has stepped up and so everyday in the hospital family planning services are offered dispensing all the methods of contraception.

Diabetic Clinic: A diabetes clinic holds at the health centre twice a month in collaboration with ACADIA and other research bodies for empowerment and better care. The patients are divided into two groups and Group 1 is seen on first Friday of every month, while Group 2 is seen on the last Friday of every month. About 200 clients turn out during both clinic days every month.

Dental Services: The 10 staff of the Dental department including three dentists are ever busy. The department is equipped with highly sophisticated medical equipment and handles all dental problems including Facial injuries, Fillings, Extractions, General and local cleanings (prophylaxis), Removable prosthesis, Root canal treatment, and Intermaxilliary and interdental wiring, etc. In 2014, the department saw a total 9,864 patients. As at January 2015, the daily average of patients seen was 50.

Pharmacy: The presence of a well stocked pharmacy attracts more clients because they are served with what is needed for their conditions. The 9 permanent staff are diligent in dispensing drugs to the clients. Monthly supplies from the CBC Central Pharmacy boost supplies every month in the hospital. In 2014, the pharmacy dispensed drugs to 73, 415 clients.

The health centre started with a part time Chaplain, but currently there is a permanent Chaplain. The Chaplaincy has had a great spiritual impact in the lives of clients and staff.The Hospital carries out quarterly support visits to Voudou Primary Health Care Centre which started in February 2013.

The health centre carries out support visits to Voundou Baptist Health Centre every other month. Also, there are support visits to next door Ekounou Baptist Health Centre and Makenene every month.

Other support services in the health centre include a rest house made up of two apartments with one being rented and a functional security department with vigilant security guards.

Contact Information
Etoug-Ebe Baptist Health Centre
P.O. BOX 2039 Grand Messa
Tel: (Admin.): +237 677 187 471
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