Finkwi Baptist Health Center

Finkwi Baptist Health Center

Before 1999, Finkwi had a government health post. The Finkwi Cultural Development Association (FICUDA) applied for funding from the Basel Mission in Switzerland in 1999 to transform the health post into a health centre. About 7 Million FCFA was donated to FICUDA. Under the direction of their Secretary General, Mr. Joseph Tumenta, the community wrote to the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon requesting them to administer their health centre. At this time, construction work was already going on at the permanent site, but the request did not go through. The Basel Mission instead encouraged the people to get another Mission to run the services. Given the quality services the people had witnessed at other CBC health facilities like Mbingo Baptist Hospital and Banso Baptist Hospital, and with the desire to make use of the wasting buildings that were already ready at this time, the community under the auspices of FICUDA applied to the CBC Health Services to have them run their community health centre in 2005.

As the Finkwi Village Health Committee Chairman, Pastor Kausi Zacharias Gabe recalls, it was a difficult and painful process, and they had to surmount great difficulties in their fight to have access to quality care. Religious wrangling on who should take over the health post persisted for some time. The precondition of a health area before the approval of a health centre was hard to meet. Following a meeting with Pastor Gabe, the Director of Health Services, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih wrote to the Minister of Public Health requesting permission to run the health centre per the request of the people. Meantime, the CBC Health Services Life Abundant Programme Primary healthcare made two rounds in the community to administer basic health care. A ministerial decree dated April 10, 2006 granted the CBC Health Board permission to run the affairs of the health centre.

In 2015, Finkwi Baptist Health Centre had staff strength of 20 including 2 screeners. They see an average of 500 patients every month and 20-25 patients daily. The Health Centre attended to 7,500 patients in 2014. It operates a three shift 24/7 system (7am to 2pm, 2pm to 9pm and 9pm to 7am). The Supervising hospital, Mbingo Baptist Hospital embarks on a doctor’s support visit to Finkwi Baptist Health once every month.

Services Offered
Finkwi Baptist Health Centre has as objective the provision of quality healthcare to the population. As a result, the centre offers General Consultation, Eye Services, Minor Surgeries, Diabetic Clinic, Laboratory Services (common tests done are malaria, HIV, circle cell, hemoglobin, urinalysis, stool exam, and gram staining among others), Pharmacy services, Maternity Services, Admissions (men’s, women’s, children’s and maternity wards with a bed capacity of 20), Laundry Services, Security Services, Canteen and Provision Stores (that serve the staff, patients and the general public). There is a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) field worker stationed in Finkwi Baptist Health Centre who covers the Ndop Health Area.

Since May 2012, the health centre has been benefitting from the Performance Based Financing (PBF) an initiative of the World Bank. PBF strategy falls in line with the Cameroonian Government national policy of poverty reduction on the one hand and the national health development plan of the Ministry of Public Health on the other. Also, the strategy is in conformity with the will and initiatives of the authorities of the Northwest Region to provide accessible and good quality healthcare to its people through the equitable and optimal use of the means put at their disposal.

Finkwi Baptist Health Centre is found in Finkwi village in Babessi Sub-Division, in Ngoketunjia Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It is found along the road to Ndawara Tea Estate, about 1.6 km from the Bamenda-Banso road.