Hiv Free Northwest & Southwest

HIV Free Southwest and Northwest Project, Management & Cordination


Pius Tih, PHD, Director of CBC Health Services and Principal Investigator of the project

Director of CBC Health Services and Principal Investigator of the project

Career Experience and Qualification: Professor Tih is a holder of PhD, in Community Health from William Carey International University after course work in Boston University. He initially graduated from Yaounde University in 1982 with a Law degree and later pursued his postgraduate degree in Hospital and Health Services Administration from the University of South Bank, UK in 1998. He has a plethora of certificates in Public Health, Management of health care in developing countries, ethical issues in international health amongst others. He is a seasoned public health expert who has over 30 years of experience in health services administration and several years of managing major projects, including his central role as Principal Investigator CDC/PEPFAR project in Cameroon.
He brings his rich experience and understanding of the functioning of the Cameroon health system and acts as liaison between CBCHB, EGPAF, and GRC to manage project staff and maintain regular communication with project managers.  He also provides ongoing technical expertise in operational guidance to the Ministry of Public Health at all levels in ensuring project activities are implemented in accordance with donor, technical, programmatic and operational guidelines.

As Director of CBC Health Services, Prof Tih directs a huge health system with 6 hospitals, 24 health centers and other Services for people with disabilities. He has been one time board chair of the National Drug Distribution Fund (CENAME) and is a current member of the board of the Northwest Special Fund for Health.

Prof Tih is one of Cameroon’s most refined brains in public health and has initiated and participated in countless interventions in publications as well as conference presentations relating to this domain.

Johnson Monju, BUSINESS Official (BO)

BUSINESS Official (BO)

CAREER EXPERIENCE: Mr. Monju Johnson has worked in the Northwest Cooperative
Association Limited (NWCA LTD) in various capacities including accountant for the USAID-sponsored PRAMS project from 1993 to 1996.  He joined the CBCHB in 2004 as an accountant, and since then has occupied the following responsibilities:  Accountant for the USAID-sponsored AWARE 1 & 2 projects, Accountant for the second largest PMTCT project in Cameroon sponsored by EGPAF, Financial Manager for the PEARL study sponsored by CDC, Financial Manager for the CORE study sponsored by GATES foundation and EGPAF. He worked with health advisors and program coordinators advancing cash for contact tracing and reconciling same and reporting to EGPAF.
His experience managing US government funding is extensive especially following the series of trainings he attended both in Washington and in the US Embassy in Cameroon since the start of this CoAg with CDC/PEPFAR.

Esther Kuni, MSc, Project Manager, Northwest Region

Project Manager, Northwest Region.
Ms. Kuni is a dynamic young lady who has served the health board in different capacities since she joined it in 2007. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Botany from the University of Buea in Cameroon, her huge passion for Public Health earned her employment with the CBCHB in 2007 first as a grant writer. Since then, her hard work, commitment and determination earned her several other high profile assignments. She has been one time general PMTCT Coordinator and EGPAF focal point for the Northwest prior to her appointment as HivF project manager for the Northwest Region.
Ms. kuni has accumulated experiences in grant writing, project management and about seven years experience in the HIV prevention program especially in the area of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.
She has attended and represented the CBCHB at many meetings and workshops at national and international levels during some of which she has made presentations with regards to the CBCHB PMTCT work in Cameroon. She worked in collecting data for the PMTCT Effectiveness in Africa: Research and Linkage to care (PEARL) study; and also worked with Comparing Two Strategies for Enrolling HIV infected pregnant women from Antenatal Care to Care and Treatment Services in Cameroon otherwise called the Continuum of Care Operations Research (CORE) study. This abstract was accepted for presentation at International AIDS society, Rome 2011.
Her strong interpersonal communications skills, knowledge and understanding of the Northwest terrain as well as the cultural diversity of the Northwest Region are great assets to the HivF SW/NW project implementation in the Northwest.

Mrs Mboh Eveline, Project Manager SW Region


Edith Lem, MSc, Option B + Project Manager for Northwest/Southwest

Option B + Project Manager for Northwest/Southwest
Career Experience
Mme Lem joined the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) in 2011 as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) staff. In this capacity, she coordinated data entry and did data quality check. Prior to joining CBCHS, she worked as a part time instructor at the University of Buea and as quality controller at the Kakwa Biopharm Pharmaceutical company in Limbe. Her appointment as Option B+ project manager in 2013 was thanks to her overzealous and dedicated working habit and managerial skills.



Emmanuel Nshom, MSc Health Management Information System. Manager AIDS Care and Prevention Program.

Health Management Information System Manager
AIDS Care and Prevention Program

Career Experience
Since 2001, Mr Nshom has worked with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) in several capacities. Currently, he functions as lead Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. In this role, he coordinates data collection, compilation/analysis and reporting for 33 reporting CBCHS health facilities and supervises data management of projects implemented at CBCHS. In 2001 through 2005, he served as the Pioneer Coordinator of the Chosen Children (Orphan Care) Program of CBCHS and leads the team in the development of tools and the initiation/expansion of the program. He has attended numerous seminars and international meetings relating to monitoring and evaluation and data analysis. Prior to joining CBCHS, he worked as a teacher at Baptist High School in Mankon, Cameroon, where he taught Mathematics and Physics and examined CGCE A/L Pure Mathematics.