Koussam Baptist Health Center

Koussam Baptist Health Center

It started as a Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Primary Health Centre (PHC) in 1998 to meet the health needs of the Koussam community. With the increasing demand for services, the PHC was later on upgraded into a full-fledged health centre of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services on January 1, 2013 and placed under the supervision of Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH).  The centre operates a two-shift, that is from 7a.m to 3p.m and from 3p.m to 7a.m. Koussam Baptist Health Centre has a staff strength of 10 including one contract worker and sees an average of 180 outpatients and 30 inpatients every month. The clients seen in the health centre come from other neighbouring villages like Mayhait, Njimom, Follap, Foget, Njinka, Njinshem and towns like Foumban and Malantueen. The population of Koussam is predominantly Muslim.
The piece of land on which the health centre is built measures 12 hectares and is a gift from the community as a way of encouraging the presence and continuous growth of the facility which is of extreme importance to the population of Koussam. In order to ensure the spiritual well-being of the staff, a prayer cell was created in 2012 for staff to meet to worship God and fellowship weekly.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services:  These include general consultation, laboratory that does uranalisis and staining with malaria and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) the common diseases tested for and pharmacy services. The cases seen at the outpatient are mostly hypertension, diabetes, malaria and STIs.

Inpatient Services: The inpatient services here are still being developed. There is a Men’s Ward, Women’s Ward and Children’s Ward with a total of about ten hospital beds. Also, the centre offers maternity services with an average of six deliveries conducted monthly.

Community based activities: The health centre is actively involved in Antenatal Clinics (ANC), vaccination campaigns, homes visits which include compound sanitation and health education.  
The greatest need of the health centre is portable water. The staff and clients rely on a difficult-to-access stream for water. Meantime, the people of Koussam continue to appreciate the CBCHS for the quality and affordable healthcare offered at the health centre.

Location: The health centre is located in Koussam Village in Njimom Sub-Division in Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon. It is found about 12 km from Foumban town. The centre shares boundary with the Fon’s Palace.


Contact Information
Tel. +237 67460 5385
Website: www.cbchealthservices.org