Lassin Baptist Health Center

Lassin Baptist Health Center

Lassin Baptist Health Centre started as a government community health post. In 1992, the community applied for the creation of a CBC Health Services health unit in the village. Following the application, a team was sent from Banso to carry out feasibility studies which culminated in the conversion of the government health post into a CBC Health Services run unit in 1999.  This move brought in new services and qualified staff.
In February 2015, the Chairman of the Village Health Committee, Mr. Nforya Vitalis Tume, revealed that the collaboration between the community and the CBC Health Services has been a key factor in the health centre’s growth. The CBC Health Services helped in repairing the old health post building when it was blown down by the wind, and the people of Lassin under the leadership of their Fon offered three sites from which one was chosen by the CBC Health Board to construct the new facility. Villagers also helped with labour in the construction of the new building. Services started in the new building on January 6, 2015.
Lassin Baptist Health had 9 staff including a screener in 2015. The team of staff sees an average of 300 clients every month. About 10 deliveries are conducted every month. Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) undertakes a doctor’s support visit to the health centre every other month.

Services Offered
Outpatient Services:
They include general consultation, infant welfare clinic (IWC), antenatal clinic (ANC), laboratory, pharmacy, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), family planning (FP), treatment services like lacerations and minor surgeries notably circumcisions.

Inpatient Services:
With a bed capacity of 19, the health centre does admissions of medical cases into the Women/Children’s Ward. There is also a maternity section comprised of a Maternity Ward where delivery and post-partum services are offered. An average of eight deliveries is conducted in Lassin Baptist Health Centre every month. Also, the health centre offers community services like sensitization and vaccination.

Location The health centre is located in Lassin village which is under Oku Health District, Noni Sub Division, Bui Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Contact Information
Tel: (+237) 67717 8190 / 65597 8737