Mboppi Baptist Hospital

Mboppi Baptist Hospital


Mboppi Baptist Hospital is presently situated behind the Camp de la Gendarmerie de Mboppi, in the Douala II Sub Division in Wouri Division of the Littoral Region. It is a fast growing hospital, basically becoming a reference hospital in the Cameroonian cosmopolitan economic capital of Douala. It was hitherto a health centre and with the advancement of the services offered, it has gradually gained the status of a hospital. The hospital is already dominating even some very popular medical institutions in Douala which have stood the test of time and have been widely acclaimed as offering exceptional health services. The number of patients the hospital receives daily is constantly above 800, especially on Mondays.  Many of them do testify that they were informed of Mboppi Hospital by other patients who have been to the hospital and found the services to be of high quality. Given the reputation of CBC health facilities for quality and diligent medical care, Mboppi Baptist Hospital receives clients from all over the town and from other parts of the Littoral Region.
Mboppi Baptist Hospital is CBC’s pioneer health facility in the Littoral region. It officially went operational in a rented building near Hôtel la Maturité with eight staff, still in the Mboppi neighbourhood in Douala following decision No 00123/A/MSP/SG/DMH/SDHPFSP/SFSP/BFSPC of January 27, 1997 signed by the then Minister of Public Health.  

The staff strength of Mboppi Baptist Hospital as at March 2013 stood at 228, including eight Medical Doctors (three Specialists, four General Practitioners and one Dental Surgeon) and seven screeners.

The working week runs from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, only inpatient services are offered. Work starts each day at 07h 00 with devotions and continues for 24 hours except the outpatient department that closes at 15h00.

The services offered include general consultation, observation of patients on infusion fluids, dental services, eye care, treatment and injections, clinical imaging, pharmacy, HIV and AIDS work, laboratory services, physiotherapy, antenatal care services, women health program, Tuberculosis, diabetes clinic, inpatient services, and security services.

Dental Services: MBHD’s Dental Department attends to a monthly average of 450 clients with various dental problems. The department has four permanent staff, headed by a Dental Surgeon and equipped with modern dental instruments. Procedures carried out in the department include extraction, fillings, root canal treatment, scaling and polishing (cleaning), prosthesis (dentures, full and partial), minor oral surgeries (wiring, operculectomy), and dental X-ray service.

Eye Care:The Eye Department of the Hospital is well furnished with ultra modern machines to detect and handle various eye-related problems. Some 1,900 clients receive eye services each month. The department is headed by a resident Ophthalmologist who together with a cream of well trained staff offers quality eye services to the population. The services include daily consultations, management of common eye conditions, eye surgery, automated visual field testing, slit lamp biomicrospic examinations, refraction and dispensing of glasses, and referral of complicated retinal cases.

Treatment and Injection Services:This department is divided into three rooms which offer observation for patients on infusion fluids on day care basis, injection room for the administration of injections as prescribed by the screeners and doctor, and treatment room which carries out suturing, dressings of wounds, toe nail excision, minor surgeries, and incision and drainage (I&D).

Clinical imaging (Ultrasound):This department examines the body organs for normalities/abnormalities with the help of machines to enable clinicians better assess and manage the health conditions of clients. The Ultrasound Unit in Mboppi Baptist Hospital sees an average of 600 clients per month for various procedures – some on doctors’ recommendations and others on personal requests. Procedures carried out in the unit include pelvic scan, obstetric scan, abdominal scan for both male and female, prostate scan, testicular scan, breast scan, and thyroid scan.

Pharmacy Services: This is the most overworked department of the hospital as almost every patient who comes to the hospital with any health problem ends up passing through the pharmacy. Sometimes the 13 staff of the department end up going home after all other departments of the hospital because they must attend to every patient to whom drugs have been prescribed. To ensure continuous professional development in their career, the pharmacy department holds a service conference for its staff on Tuesdays and Fridays. The pharmaceutical services offered to the patients in the hospital include drug dispensing to patients as prescribed by screeners and doctors, compounding of some ointments and extemporaneous preparations, counselling and education of clients on drug usage, storage, their right sources and side effects on patients, and patient counselling on some long term diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, glaucoma. It has a drug store which serves as the hospital pharmaceutical supply unit. This is where drugs and other medical supplies used in the hospital are preserved. Every department in the hospital is connected to the drugstore in either receiving medical supplies or drugs.

HIV & AIDS work. The Mboppi Hospital (MBHD) is one of government approved sites in Cameroon for the provision of care and treatment to people living with HIV & AIDS. The hospital hosts two separate but complementary programmes that provide HIV related services to the general public. They are the Prevention of Mother to child Transmission (PMTCT) and the Care and Treatment services C &T).The Care and Treatment Centre has its own laboratory with specialised equipment for immunology, biochemistry and haematology for care and treatment of HIV & AIDS and a host of other tests.

Laboratory services: Mboppi runs a major and well equipped laboratory manned by 15 qualified staff who see at least 4,000 clients every month. Tests carried in the laboratory can be grouped into serology tests, parasitology/mycology tests, biochemistry, Haematology tests, and micro bacteriology tests. The Mboppi Hospital laboratory is an approved site for the diagnosis of AFB (Tuberculosis test) in sputum and other body substances.

Physiotherapy:The Physiotherapy department uses physical agents and methods to help maintain and restore good health in patients. It sees close to 500 patients a month with various physical problems like back-pain (topping the list), arthritic conditions, Erb’s palsy (weakness of mostly one arm in children due to birth complications), neck-pain, nerve injuries, fractures, amputations, etc. Services offered to clients by the department include consultation and postural evaluation, massage therapy, myofacial release, stretching of contractures, cryotherapy (cold packs, ice massage), casting, splinting (shoulder sling, wrist, knee, ankle, back support, figure of 8), crutch training, crutch care and repair, crutch tips, education on back care, neck care, weight management, traction (cervical traction), therapeutic exercises for patients, keep-fit exercises for non-patients, electrotherapy (electrical stimulation), correction of club feet, bell’s palsy and stroke rehabilitation, postural correction, and chest therapy.

Maternal and Child Health Services:The hospital runs a well organised maternity that offers delivery services to the clients. The first floor of the hospital building is reserved for the maternity and other gynaecological related cases. There is the gynaecology and obstetrics Lab. The second floor hosts the general surgery Lab. General Surgery started in the Hospital on January 1, 2013.The hospital offers antenatal services to expectant mothers. The ANC section has three midwives who take care of pregnant women. This department equally takes care of family planning, infant welfare clinics and child vaccinations. The ANC holds on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Infant welfare clinics hold every Saturday. The family planning services are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Women’s Health Programme:This programme went fully operational in MBHD on July 27, 2009 with three staff, reinforced regularly by support visits from the programme coordinator. Since inception, the minimum number of clients seen every day is 10 with a monthly average of 80. WHP and Family Planning were merged in MBHD in November 2012. Clients are seen from Monday to Saturday. The programme has four components namely breast cancer screening, cervical Cancer screening, syndromic management of reproductive tract infection, and family planning.  The procedures carried out include screening for breast /cervical cancer, treatment of pre-cancers (Cryotherapy and Loop Electro-surgical Excision Procedure, LEEP), biopsy, treatment of common reproductive tract infections, and mobile Clinic.

Tuberculosis clinic:MBHD is a government approved site for the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB). Over 90 clients are seen every month (during clinic days) excluding those seen at the outpatient every day. TB patients who come to the hospital are offered consultation, prescription/dispensing of TB medications, counselling and testing for HIV, adherence counselling for TB medication, referral of HIV positive cases to the treatment centre for care and treatment, management of minor side effects of drugs, and referral of patients to other TB diagnostic and treatment centres.

Diabetes services: Diabetes clinic holds at MBHD every 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month to cater for the needs of clients living with this health condition. The hospital sees about 250 clients every month for refills while about 35 new cases are diagnosed per month. Screening for diabetes is still carried out on other days in spite of these particular days chosen for mass screening. Clients who visit the department receive consultation and checking of blood pressure (BP), treatment, weight control, referral of some cases to the doctor, registration and collection of data, health education, and fasting blood sugar test.

Chaplaincy / Social services:The Chaplaincy and Social Services Department of the hospital is responsible for the spiritual and psychosocial needs of both clients and staff of the hospital. There are two Chaplains and three Social Workers. The department’s activities include coordination of separate daily devotions for both staff and clients, organising Bible studies, counselling with care and treatment defaulters, OPD psycho-spiritual clients and adherence, visiting staff and offering them psychosocial and psycho-spiritual counselling, and follow-up of patients.

Maintenance services:This department is responsible for maintenance services in the hospital. The staff strength has moved up from 9 in 2009 to 16 permanent staff in 2013 made up of technicians with diverse skills like plumbing, electricity, motor mechanics/driving, masonry, and carpentry.

Security Department:Given the vast number of clients received each day at MBHD, the 14 dynamic security guards of the hospital usually have the arduous task of maintaining order and keeping clients, staff, and their belongings safe. The hospital is calm both in the day and at night thanks to the security department.

Contact Information

Mboppi Baptist Health Centre
PO Box 15161 Akwa
Wouri Division
Littoral Region
Tel: (Secretariat) + 237 677896106
(Security) +237 67556 5894
(Administrator) +237 67781 6580
Email: mboppi@cbchealthservices.org
Website: wwwcbchealthservices.org

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