Baptist Hospital Mutengene

Baptist Hospital Mutengene

Outpatient services, general consultation, dental, ENT (ear, nose and throat), laboratory, pharmacy, eye, palliative care, social services, chaplaincy, nutrition improvement programme, prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), pediatric AIDS care, extended forum of care (EFC), orthopedics, club foot care.

The imaging unit conducts ultrasound, EKG, and x-ray services. There is also the Non-communicable diseases unit, family planning, physiotherapy, women’s health programme, maternity services, antenatal clinic, infant welfare clinic, diabetes unit that holds once every month, pediatric and adult oncology, hypertension and general surgery.

Baptist Hospital Mutengene provides a number of specialist services with several experts based at the hospital. BHM enjoys the services of the only vitreo-retinal surgeon in Cameroon and the West Africa sub region. They also run the Department of Internal Medicine, and provide EKG and endoscopy services. In addition to this, there is a dentist, a dermatologist and an orthopedic surgeon.

Staff Capacity: Close to 400 staff with 377 on payroll
Bed capacity: over 110
Catchment area: Limbe, Buea, Souza, Mbanga, Douala, Tiko, Muyuka, Idenau and Mutengene. Clients also come from neighbouring countries like Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria for specialist services.

Outreach and sensitization is a big part of the BHM’s activities, organizing sensitization campaigns through the Youth Network for Health, Extended Forum of Care and vaccination campaigns.

BHM sends doctors to support the health centres under its supervision in Bafia and Ekondo Titi.

Referrals: Even as a referral hospital, BHM also refers patients to hospitals in the area when the need arises. They refer patients to the Limbe Regional Hospital, Douala General Hospital, Mbingo Baptist Hospital and Buea Regional Hospital Annex.

The hospital runs three shifts, with a backup shift from 10pm to 6pm.

Contact Information
Baptist Hospital Mutengene
PO Box 152, Tiko
Fako Division
South West Region
Cameroon, West Africa
Tel: Security Office: +237 67765 8947
Main Office: +237 67760 5430
Administrator: +237 699904275 / 67786 6284       

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