Ndu Baptist Health Center

Ndu Baptist Health Center

Historical Background
In 1988, the Ndu population strongly advocated for the CBC Health Services to extend her services to their community by offering a structure that would host the facility. On September 11 in the same year, the CBC Health Services started offering services in the temporary site while the community was constructing the maternity building. There were four staff at inception who worked relentlessly to meet the health needs of the people who had Ndu Baptist Health Centre as the only health facility.
On December 8, 1965, the Fon of Ndu wrote to the Principal of Joseph Merrick Baptist College (JMBC) Ndu relaying a conversation he had with the Divisional Officer (D.O) of Nkambe in which he (the Fon) requested that the Ndu Native Authority newly constructed maternity be handed to the Baptist Mission. The D.O would then request that the mission should post a midwife to the maternity and the government would pay her salary. The then Principal of JMBC, W.N. Haupt wrote to the Field Secretary of Ndu Field of the Cameroon Baptist Convention with very strong recommendations that the mission should post a midwife to the maternity. The Field Secretary, Rev. Fred Folkerts endorsed the letter to Dr. Peter Fehr of Banso Baptist Hospital who replied on February 22, 1966 regretting that the mission was unable to meet the need expressed. Dr. Fehr, however, promised that in June 1967, the need would be met after a class graduates from the Baptist nursing school in Banso.
June 1967 passed and nothing happened. On December 12, 1967 a letter signed by six Christians of Ndu Field was addressed to the Chairman of Mbiyeh Council titled, “Mission supervision of Ndu Health Centre”, in which they expressed the desire to see their health centre supervised by Banso Baptist Hospital. This yielded no fruits and so, the Christians of Ndu Field, the students and staff of Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary and JMBC wrote a joint letter in the 80’s to the Medical Board applying for a dispensary which will equally serve the public. They argued that a dispensary would serve as a veritable tool for Christian witness.
On June 24, 1986 the Medical Board approved the request for a dispensary. On November 5, 1986 a formal application was sent to the then Minister of Health requesting the creation of the dispensary. Later, Arrete No. 043/A/MSPI SG/DS/SDMLR/SFSP/BFSPC of August 24, 1987 was issued by the Minister authorizing the creation of the health centre.
The Administrator of Banso Baptist Hospital, Mr. Jam Martin and the Director of CBC Health Services, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih visited Ndu on November 17, 1987 and made feasibility studies on the structure to accommodate the dispensary. The duo met with Rev. Valentine Mbong and Lawrence Tomnjoh, Principal and Vice Principal of JMBC Ndu respectively. Through cooperation with JMBC, work started on the remodeling of some JMBC staff houses in May 1988 and by mid-September 1988, the work was completed. The CBC Health Services spent about 14 million FCFA to realise the project.
After his visit to the site, the Divisional Chief for Preventive Medicine from Nkambe gave a favourable technical report to the Minister of Health. By Arrete No. 0173IAIMSPI SAG/DS/SDMHRI SFSPI BFSPC dated January 9, 1989 the Minister of Health authorized the CBC to operate the Health Centre.
On September 11, 1988, Nfon Philip had arrived from Bangolan Baptist Health Centre with his family to begin offering services in Ndu Baptist Health Centre. The first consultation was done on September 16, 1988 and on the same day drugs and laboratory equipment were brought from Banso Baptist Hospital. Also on that same day, a team came from Nkambe Divisional Services for Public Health to inspect the Health Centre and met with Prof. Tih and Mr. Jam. Services were offered in the temporary site while the community was constructing the maternity building.                                                                                                                                    
At the start, the staff were Mr. Nfon Philip, Chief of Post, Mrs. Nfon Gladys who was in charge of registration, collection of fees and dispensing of drugs and Talfah Emmanuel was the housekeeper and yardman. January 3, 1989 the staff strength rose to 10 and patient attendance was increasing as the people continued to learn of the existence of the health centre. With misinformation by some detractors that drugs were very expensive, the staff had to embark on visits to churches and ‘njangi’ groups to educate the population on the quality of services available and what it would take for them to be treated. This measure resulted to the rapid growth of the health centre. The growth made visible the need for maternity services. With the leadership of the then Field Chairman, Rev. Peter Nyumnloh (who later served as CBC General Secretary from 1993-2002) and Mr. Mekain John, Schools Manager for Donga Matung (of blessed memory) encouraged the population to take up services at Ndu Baptist Health Centre. Alongside other church leaders, the duo led the Ndu Field to raise funds and construct a maternity block for the health centre in May 1995.
The staff strength in 2015 stood at 35 up from 10 in 1989. An average of 1,300 patients are seen every month with many of them coming from Ndu town and villages under Ndu Sub-Division. Others come from as far as Nkambe and Nwa Sub-Divisions. In 2014, a total of 15,758 patients were consulted in the health centre. In 2014, a total of 272 deliveries were conducted giving an average of 23 deliveries every month. Ndu Baptist Health Centre is supervised by Banso Baptist Hospital that carries out a monthly doctor’s support visit to the health centre. The centre is opened Mondays through Saturdays from 7am to 7pm and emergency calls are taken after 3pm on working days.

Services Offere

Outpatient Services. General Consultation, Common ailments seen include hypertension, diabetes, gastritis, gastro enteritis, arthritis and epilepsy among others, Laboratory Services. Main tests done are haemoglobin, White Blood Cells (WBC) Differentials, Circle Cell, Malaria, Blood Group, Urinalysis, hepatitis, Pregnancy, Blood Transfusion, HIV and Sputum test among others, Pharmacy Services, Maternal Child Health Services (Antenatal Clinic, deliveries, postpartum care, Infant Welfare Clinic, Family Planning). The health centre conducts an average of 20 deliveries in a month, Eye Consultation, Treatment Room. Here, wound dressing, suturing of wounds, incision and drainage, injection, insertion of catheters and minor surgeries like circumcision are done. There is equally a monthly palliative care visit from BBH.

Inpatient Services
The healthcenter does admissions. There are 43 hospital beds allocated to five ward namely; Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Maternity and Private wards.

Other Services
These include the Chaplaincy (one Chaplain), Security services (three security guards), Canteen services, housekeeping, two Integrated for the Blind (ISFB) Kumbo staff and one CBCHS’ Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme staff. 

Ndu Baptist Health Centre is on the same area with the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) Ndu and Joseph Merrick Baptist College (JMBC) Ndu and located in Ndu Sub-Division, Dunga Matung Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Contact Information
Tel: +237 67718 3178 (COC) / 67637 9938 (Security Post)
Website: www.cbchealthservices.org