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CBCHS, Nutrition Improvement Program (NIP)
CBCHS started a Nutrition Improvement Program (NIP) in 2007 as an essential component of AIDS Care and Prevention program. The overall aim of the NIP is to improve the nutritional status of clients receiving services in the in CBC health units in Cameroon. This is accomplished through the education, sensitization, counselling, promotion of optimal breast-feeding practices, and consumption of local food sources.  Following the start of the NIP in 2007, nutrition counsellors have been trained to provide nutrition and infant feeding counselling in CBCHS health units. Most of these units are located in the Northwest, Southwest, West, Littoral and Adamawa regions of Cameroon.   In 2011, 2012 and 2013, seven, twelve, and four staff respectively were hired and trained as full time nutrition counsellors to provide the nutrition and infant feeding services. These 23 nutrition counsellors provide nutritional counselling services to clients and patients with various conditions like HIV, diabetes, obesity, anemia, gout, arthritis, hepatitis and general infant feeding (prevention of breast engorgement, proper attachment/positioning to breast). They also demonstrate procedures on preparing enriched pap for infants 6-9 months old, feeding during illness for low weight babies, and follow up infants during Infant Welfare Clinic (IWC)/Well Baby clinics.  In recent years NIP has been quite active in producing an Infant and Young Child Feeding Training Manual, Standard Operating Procedures Manual, and updating Clinic Register Books and the Road to Health Clinic cards.  The NIP counsellors and supervisors also seek to improve health service delivery in Cameroon by training nurses in the public sector on infant and young child feeding and community health by training peer educators on the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding.


Second batch of Nutrition and infant feeding counselors on graduation

NW IYCF participants

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