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Being a faith-based organization, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board (CBCHB) time and again receives people with various desperate situations that need assistance from people of goodwill. Given that the CBCHB is located in a society where the vast majority of the population live far below the United Nations’ recommended per capita income of one US Dollar a day, most needy people in Cameroon resort to the CBCHB for rescue when faced with cases they are unable to handle by themselves. We are therefore glad you visited this page, for we know that God who led you to see these people’s situations would lay in your heart what you can do for any of them.
  1. Appeal for Financial Assistance to Rescue a Critical Medical Condition
  2. A critical cardiac situation that needs urgent assistance

Appeal for Financial Assistance to Rescue a Critical Medical Condition

A former Mathematics and Computer Science teacher at Sacred Heart College Mankon in Bamenda, Cameroon, Mr. Didacus TAMEH YOWSI is appealing to the public for financial assistance to enable him be evacuated to Britain for a head surgery.

Mr. Tameh Yowsi’s medical records indicate that seven (7) bullets are still lodged deep in his brains following an armed robbery attack on him on the night of December 19, 2004 at his campus apartment at Sacred Heart College Mankon. The armed robbers pumped thirteen (13) bullets in Didacus’ head and local medical intervention could remove only the six (6) that were not too deep in the head due to lack of specialised equipment and finances for Mr. Tameh Yowsi to be evacuated to specialised hospitals abroad for the rest of the bullets to be removed.

Mr. Tameh Yowsi needs at least 10 million Frs. CFA to enable him be evacuated to the United Kingdom where the surgery is supposed to be done. His family, friends and some people of good will have been able to help him with 1.5 million Frs. CFA already.

His condition is fast depreciating as one of the doctors who attended to him says one of the bullets in the brain is found in the visual centre at the back of the skull. This, according to the doctor, is causing Mr. Tameh serious visual problems.

Mr. Tameh says, “With the seven bullets still in my brain, my health condition remains critical. Very often, I am hit by spasmodic epileptic attacks and intermittent visual impairment. This has left me unable to read, write, understand and sometimes my speech is slurred. The consequence is that I can no longer function as a teacher, nor can I function in any other occupation.”

The victim’s case was carried in The Post newspaper No 01043 of Friday, April 17, 2009.

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board (CBCHB) has offered to publish Mr. Didacus Tameh Yowsi’s appeal on her website because the story was verified and found to be true and his medical records were confirmed to be authentic.

If God lays it in your heart, wherever you are in the world, to do something to save the life of this 35 year old young and energetic Cameroonian, you can get to Mr. Tameh Yowsi using any of the following contacts:


A critical cardiac situation that needs urgent assistance

A low income technician (Mr Tata Ngabur Isaiah) living on less than $100 a month has a 19 year old daughter (Tata Sheila Nkfunji) with a life threatening health condition. Medical reports established by St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital Shisong (Email:, Tel: +237 99 48 84 12), Bui Division in the North West Province of Cameroon has described the girl’s situation as “Urgent Surgical Repair”. The family has no savings and the girl risks dying from the condition. See father’s letter attached.

If you feel touched and want to save the life of this girl, please contact me directly:

Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, MPH, PhD
Director of Health Services
Cameroon Baptist Convention
PO Box 01
Bamenda, Cameroon

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