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CBCHS Central Administration bids farewell to Two Female German Volunteers
 Two female German volunteers have come to the end of their one-year period of volunteerism to the CBC Health Services in Cameroon. Birte Mensing and Ann-Katharin Christophersen who came to Cameroon in August 2012, bid farewell to the staff of the CBCHS Central Administration at the Baptist Centre Bamenda during morning devotions on July 30, 2013.

During the brief but colourful send-forth ceremony, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, Director of Health Services (DHS) described the young girls as ‘young older people’ given their mature disposition during their one-year period working and learning experiences in various services and departments of the CBCHS. The DHS thanked the German girls for their contributions through their volunteerism in services such as the pharmacy, laboratory, Socio Economic Empowerment of People with Disabilities (SEEPD) programme, CBC School Nkwen and CBC Radio among others. Prof. Tih also appreciated the Coordinator of the CBCHS Volunteer Programme, Ms Fijong Christy for proper coordination and the Administrative Assistant in-charge of Visitors, Mr. Ngwang George for facilitating their movements in the country.

Speaking to CBCHS Press, Prof. Tih said the Volunteer programme is an initiative of the Bread for the World (BftW), a German based organization that funds some CBCHS programmes such as LAP Bamkikai and the Community Initiative AIDS Control and Prevention (CIACP). The DHS explained that BftW sends out young volunteers after high school each year to gain experiences in various CBCHS programmes, which can inspire them to make proper career choices as they enter University.

On his part, the Chief of Administration of Finance (CAF), Mr. Warri Denis called on CBCHS staff to use such opportunities to work with the volunteers as a means of transferring ‘our skills’ to people from other cultures. The CAF said the volunteer programme is another milestone registered by the CBCHS in shaping the careers of others. He therefore, called on the girls to be good ambassadors of the CBCHS in Germany, whom he termed as ‘good people’.

The German girls were given gifts of simple African wear from the CBCHS Central Administration. The laboratory department of Nkwen Baptist Health Centre also sew a dress commonly called ‘kaba’ for Ann who worked diligently with them at the laboratory. Ann ended up with the SEEPD programme where it is said, she has a passion for persons with disabilities. Meanwhile, Birte ended her stay as a student journalist in CBC Radio. She told CBCHS Press that she hopes to be trained as a journalist. Both Birte and Ann appreciated their stay with the CBCHS and pledged to be ambassadors of the CBCHS in Germany. They wished to return to Cameroon in future.

Earlier on in her devotional thought, the CBCHS Central Administration chaplain, Mrs. Ndongnde Eunice admonished the German girls to exemplify and radiate the love, which they’ve experienced in the CBCHS back in their communities in Germany. She and Mr. Ndosak George prayed for the safe return of the departing volunteers.

Also speaking, the coordinator of the CBCHS volunteer programme, Ms Fijong Christy said it is lovely working with the volunteers. She revealed that the main challenge is controlling their movements away from places of danger given their youthful exuberance. Ms Fijong announced that the next set of volunteers will arrive soon.

Should you have any concerns on volunteering with the Cameroon Baptist Convention, please write to:

Cameroon Baptist Convention
PO Box 1 Bamenda
North West Province
Attn: George Ngwang

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