In her over 60 years of existence, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) keeps making giant strides in alleviating human suffering with an underlying philosophy of Christian love as enshrined in her mission statement. The CBCHS addresses both clinical and public health problems affecting individuals and communities in Cameroon in particular and Africa at large. To meet these needs, the Health Services runs 5 hospitals (2 of which have over 250 beds), more than 24 integrated health centres, 50 primary health centres and a Pharmaceutical production and distribution department. Other vital departments that help to enhance patient care include: a Private Training School for Health Personnel that trains clinical personnel for CBC Health Services, a comprehensive AIDS Care and Prevention Program and Services for People with Disabilities. The Health Services also runs some crucial programs like the Women’s Health Programme to help fight cervical cancer, the Palliative Care Program to help people living with life-limiting conditions, the Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services, and a Community Counselling Clinic. The services of the CBCHS are spread over 6 of Cameroon’s 10 Regions.

wadThe CBHS Celeberates World Aids Day 2013.View picture gallery



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Hiv-Free NW and SW Updates

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Results of the assessment of performance in the CBC Health Services for the year 2013. more...

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